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Mouse Trap

  1. Viper Deluxe Rodent Station
    As low as A$10.89
  2. Viper L-Catch Mouse Station
    As low as A$19.69
  3. Viper Hi-Sec Mouse Station
    As low as A$16.39
  4. Viper Snap Trap Mouse
    As low as A$2.15

A Wide Range of Mouse Traps in Australia

Are you looking for a mouse trap to clear your property from an infestation?

We have an extensive range of mouse catchers that enable you to get rid of mice from your premise. Easy to use and effective, we have different types of mouse traps that make the ideal choice for spaces where using chemicals is unsafe due to the risk posed to children or pets. The traps work effectively and offer an easy way to dispose the rodents. Offering a safe and poison-free approach, our mice traps can be used both indoors and outdoors. Safeguard your property from rodents with our product range. Browse through our mouse traps today to find the most suitable one for your property.