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Are you looking for bed bug killers to eliminate infestation?

PestIT prides itself on being an industry leader in bed bug products and pest management solutions. We have a wide range of products that offer a safe and easy way to get rid of bugs. From bed bug traps, Tri-Flo heaters and more, we have multiple options to choose from. The safety and ease of use make our range the perfect choice for your home. If you are bothered by the presence of pests, explore the products that we have here. Check out our recent article in the Professional Pest Manager Magazine on Bed Bug Heat Treatment. Check out our recent article in the Professional Pest Manager Magazine on Bed Bug Heat Treatment .

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Bed Bug Products

Using The Best and Most Effective Bed Bug Products for Pest Prevention

With our bed bug prevention products, we provide safer and smarter technology that eliminates waste and the use of harmful chemicals.

Why You Should Consider Using Natural Bed Bug Killer Methods

We provide a variety of environmentally friendly bed bug killer methods that effectively eliminate these infestations. Our chemical-free products are fast and designed for bed bug control and management practices. Here are a few of our products that help rid your home of bed bugs in the safest ways:

  • Pest Vacuum – our “Bug Vac” effectively cleans up live and dead pests, their eggs and even their faeces. It is a quiet but powerful tool that can remove larger pests such as cockroaches and harmful particles. It contains a built-in filter cartridge to eliminate the risk of emitting bacteria into the air.
  • Bed Bug Glue Trap – the Viper Bed Bug Trap is highly efficient against bed bugs and does not contain any harmful substances. It’s an adhesive surface coated with a silicone liner placed in areas where bed bugs gather. This method ensures the elimination of poisons and carcasses, which could also prevent flies and other pests from invading.
  • Room Heater Kit – Thermo-Bug Room Heater is a custom-made kit built for your specific requirements. There are no odours emitted and no pesticides used, and the system is fast and Depending on your needs, the room heaters, from two to four, will treat the room at 55 degrees Celsius for four hours. The space will then be available immediately after cooled down, as this treatment is fatal for bed bugs.

Why is Bed Bug Heat Treatment So Effective?

There are many advantages to the various treatments for bed bugs. However, heat treatments are known to be the most effective. For example, a bed bug heater will heat the whole room, so it will be difficult for the bugs to find a hiding place that the heat will not reach.

Here are some of the reasons why heat treatment is the most effective method for treating bed bug infestations:

  • It gets rid of them quicker – once your bed bug infestation is treated, the bed bugs will die within 4 hours. You can use the room almost immediately when the heat treatment is complete. There is no need to wait for any products or chemicals to disperse.
  • It kills them in all stages of development – it is possible that bed bugs can survive certain pesticides and fumigants; more exposure will cause the bugs to develop a resistance to these products, and they can even have resistant offspring. With heat treatments, the bed bugs cannot escape the heat, and even their eggs will be killed.
  • It is an all-natural process – not only are our heat treatments effective at killing bed bugs, but they are also environmentally friendly. There are no chemicals used, no release of gasses, no residuals, and no negative impact on the ecosystem.

Why Choose Pest IT?

By choosing PestIT, not only can you help reduce the use of chemicals, but you can take the right step by choosing smarter technology for your home. As an Australian company that manufactures and distributes non-chemical products, we focus intensely on providing the best bed bugs killer products and pest control services.

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