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Bird Spikes

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AvePro Bird Spikes

Are you looking for bird spikes?

AvePro Bird Spikes – Purchase direct from the AvePro manufacturer – PestIT Pty Ltd to avoid the “middle man”.

Bird Spikes – AvePro bird spikes are your number one choice when it comes to deterring large pest birds from ledges, parapets, beams, roofs and numerous other building surfaces. AvePro offers building managers and professional installers a durable, effective and long-life system. Our bird deterrent spike is discreet, easy to install and offers versatility to conform to a wide range of architectural building features. Our range is suitable for all species and whether you require pigeon spikes or any other bird or animal specific product, we have you covered. For all your needs for bird spikes in Melbourne, we are the specialists you can trust.

AvePro bird spikes are designed for pest bird species including pigeons, seagulls, crows, ravens, magpies, cockatoos, ibis, cormorants and marine birds. (Not suggested for mynas, starlings, swallows or sparrows – consider other options in the AvePro range.) We can also cater to your needs for bird spikes in Sydney and bird spikes in Brisbane.

Why use stainless steel AvePro bird spikes?

The harsh Australian climate and UV intensity has resulted in the development of the AvePro stainless steel spikes. This product is 302 grade stainless steel and contains no plastic which has shown to breakdown over time in the southern hemisphere. The system has been in use for many years externally on Australian and New Zealand commercial buildings and industrial applications. AvePro has a 5-year manufacturers product replacement warranty for use in external, full sun situations.

We strongly recommend avoiding inferior bird spikes traditionally made with a clear plastic base. The suns ultra-violet (UV) light penetrates through the clear base and has a negative effect on the glue over time. Effects to glue or bonding agents generally include discolouring, weakening, becoming brittle and potential failure. We have witnessed spikes ejecting off multi-story buildings in both Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra within 3 months of installation! This is disastrous for the installer, the building owner and potentially for passers-by.

AvePro Bond

AvePro Bond is a superior locally made polyurethane bonding agent that is renown for out performing its competitors. Specifically designed for the rigors of the harsh Australian climate as well as the challenging role of bonding polycarbonate or stainless steel to traditional building surfaces.

AvePro Bond differs from construction glues that dry brittle, break up under direct sunlight and quickly release spikes from building surfaces. Components such as spike being ejected from a building, often several stories high above pedestrian zones below is a disaster. Avepro Bond is strong but dries flexible and has a neutral cure. It holds our products in place almost immediately.

AvePro Bond is the ideal, specially formulated adhesive bonding agent for installing AvePro Bird Spikes, Shock Track, Bird Angle, Bird Slide, BirdWire Bases and AvePro Huntsman to even the most difficult surface.

AvePro Bond

AvePro Bird Spikes - The Benefits

AvePro Deluxe Bird Spikes are not only made of the most durable construction material available (stainless steel), but the solid base does not allow sunlight to penetrate and impact on the glue. Additionally, AvePro Deluxe Bird Spikes have holes for screwing into substrates that are unclean, loose material and/or other difficult surfaces. Bird managers should be aware that screwing bird spikes is an additional safety installation technique to consider.

  • Durable materials
  • Designed for Australia climate
  • Longer spike – 500mm
  • Improved installation time
  • Easy to install
  • Versatile design
  • Discreet & almost invisible
  • Totally humane
  • No maintenance
  • Suitable for large pest birds


AvePro Bird Spikes are supplied in two main configurations:

AvePro Bird Spikes

With polycarbonate base

AvePro Deluxe Bird Spikes

All Stainless Steel

Width configurations

AvePro Deluxe Bird Spikes are available in 500mm lengths and three width configurations.
Used in single or multiple rows, they can protect any width ledge.

Narrow Wide Xtra Wide
Width – 50mm Width – 125mm Width – 195mm
Height – 110mm Height – 115mm Height – 115mm
Length – 500mm Length – 500mm Length – 500mm

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