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Bird Netting

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AvePro Bird Netting

The strongest and most versatile bird netting exclusion system available – HDPE Avepro Bird Netting

AvePro Deluxe Bird Netting sets the industry standard for strength, quality, UV stability while also backed by a 10 year warranty. AvePro Deluxe Bird Netting is the number one choice when it comes to denying pest bird access to any architectural configuration that can be enclosed including industrial, commercial and domestic situations. Examples include warehouse ceilings, courtyards, roof tops, loading docks, awnings, overhangs, parking garages, and building facades. Due to the aesthetic appearance of fine, premium AvePro bird netting, the areas of use are only limited by your imagination. If you are looking for quality bird netting products, we have the finest options here. Our bird netting solutions are versatile and suitable for all types of properties. For all your needs for bird netting in Melbourne, connect with our specialists to explore the options.

Since 2004, PestIT has offered the highest level of support, training, estimating and design services. Spanning two decades, our company director helped introduce the industry standard for bird netting technique, trained thousands of individuals in best practice instal methods, as well as overseeing the installation of some of Australia’s most iconic bird netting installations.

To ensure you make the right choice for pest bird control, PestIT offers free site visits, design service, quoting support, establishment of a working budget and specifications for tendering services.

Having worked on the most ambitious netting projects completed in Australia and the South Pacific, our value proposition relies on extensive knowledge backed by years of experience. ‘Getting it right the first time’ offers our clients the best value in solving hazardous bird-related issues. We are a leading company and can also cater to your requirements for bird netting in Sydney and bird netting in Brisbane.

Bird Netting Sizes

AvePro Deluxe Bird Netting is available in two standard mesh sizes – 19mm and 50mm

AvePro Deluxe Bird Netting 19mm is an effective exclusion system against all bird species – for small birds such as Sparrows, Swallows, Starlings and Mynas as well as larger birds including Ravens, Pigeons, Crows, Seagulls and the like

Premium Design Features Include

Pro Deluxe Bird Netting:

  • Premium high-density polyethylene (HDPE) square, knotted net designed specifically for architectural use.
  • Heat and fire resistance, as well as pest (vermin) and chemical resistant.
  • Pre-stretched and heat-set during production, ensures that this net will not sage excessively over time.
  • The UV stability additive in the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) allows for our unbeatable manufacturers backed 10 year warranty. Even under Australia’s harsh external climate.
  • AvePro Deluxe is made to an ISO9001 accreditation.

Caution - Things you should know about bird netting

Other nets claim to be equivalent to products like AvePro Deluxe, however, many bird nets sold in Australia are poor substitutes, including:

Orchard Nets:

These woven or diamond shaped mesh nets are designed to be stretched over orchards. While this form of netting represented one quarter of the cost of premium nets, these nylon nets (not HDPE) are not fire resistant, will absorb moisture and rot. Theyy will continue to stretch and sag very quickly. With no straight lines, the diamond shape is visually very obtrusive. Essentially, orchard netting should never be used in an architectural situation.

Fishing Nets:

These nets are square knotted nets, disguised as bird netting. While they look similar, these “flat nets”, they are not pre-stretched and they begin to sag very quickly. Sagging on horizontal nets can become caught on loading trucks and forklifts. The sagging is also visually unsightly. Fishing nets lack the strength, endurance and UV stability of premium and this is why they carry only a 5 year warranty. While these nets are half the price of premium nets, they will not last the test of time and offer poor long-term value as they require more regular replacement.

For more information, contact us on 1300 665 657 or via our contact page.