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Mini Myna Magnet

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The Mini Myna Magnet

The Mini Myna Magnet - collapsible and durable trap: a proven solution in dealing with the difficult to control species - the Indian myna and European starling.

This trap includes all the welfare options you would expect from the original Myna Magnet such as feed and water dispensers, solid roof, no sharp edges and a highly engineered 25-piece one-way valve. The collapsible design allows easy storage and transport after trapping is complete. Unlike home-made mesh traps which can result in scratches, bird and human injury, rusty components and bird escapees, the trap is durable, well designed and manufactured to a high quality.

Trap set includes: Feed cage, holding cage, walk-in chambers, one-way valve and springs, feed dishes, perch, assembly clips and full instructions (by download).

Please note: The Gassing Bag is now an optional accessory to be ordered separately.

Indian Myna Bird Trap

Why an Indian Myna Bird Trap? In Australia, feral Indian Mynas have become a major nuisance!  Not only are they an economic problem in both the agricultural and horticultural situations, Indian Mynas spread mites and pose potential health risks to humans and livestock with serious, negative impacts on biodiversity. When congregating in large numbers they are also noisy and smelly.

With numbers swelling every year, the common or Indian myna has become a successful invasive pest because of its natural predatory, aggressive, and intelligent behaviour. It is one of only three bird species on the World Conservation Union’s “100 worst invading species” list.

The Mini Myna Magnet provides the perfect solution!

As a solution to the growing issue, the scientifically designed Indian Myna Bird trap was developed by the Australian National University. Designed to compliment the Indian Myna Bird trap, the new Mini Myna Magnet exploits the Indian Myna’s natural behaviours to effectively lure and trap Indian mynas and starlings. The trap can capture up to 20 birds at one time.

Specifically designed with the feeding habits of the Indian Myna in mind, the Mini Myna Magnet attracts Indian Mynas inside with food. The Mini Myna Magnet requires no free feed regime, so it can be deployed to start trapping immediately. The natural escape behaviour of the Indian mynas cause them to escape the feeding cage and enter the holding cage via the one way Fuzzle valve. This same valve prevents the birds leaving the holding cage.

Simply bait the trap with dog, cat or any other attractive myna food (food will vary with location), provide food and water in the holding cage and periodically check the trap for captured birds. It’s that simple!

It is important to note that no bird or animal is harmed on entry or by remaining in the trap. With no hazardous chemicals or dangerous equipment to deal with, the Mini Myna Magnet is a simple, effective, and most importantly, safe tool to use in the control of the common Indian myna.

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Package Dimensions
length 85
width 48
height 10
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