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Viper Silverfish S-Trap (2pc)

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Viper Silvefish S-Trap (2pc) - Out of Stock

The Viper S Trap is a highly attractive monitoring system that is efficient in the capture of Silverfish and Firebrats (Lepisma saccharina, Thermobia domestica). The Viper S-Trap is designed to be set up directly on the wardrobe or cupboard floor or in drawers for best results.

Material: Transparent Poly Styrene, hinged lid

Specific features - transparent, hermetic structure

- liquid, stable and not runny glue

- attractant in tablet

- traps should be set up on a smooth surface

- effectively lures even those insects which do not experience food shortages - the trap features a patent-protected 'lure and deceive’ system

The Viper Silverfish Trap is Eco Friendly and Non Tox - this product does not contain harmful substances.

Silverfish traps - the best way to deal with insects

Silverfish (Lepisma saccharina) is an insect that has lived on the earth for millions of years, which nowadays often lives in houses, feeding on the remains of the food of its hosts, but not only. Silverfish are only 7-10 mm long, they move very agile and humans can see them mainly at night. It is commonly believed that they lead a night life, which is not entirely true, at night it is simply quieter, so these tiny insects feel safe, which makes it difficult to fight them without the use of special measures.

Where do silverfish come from?

Silverfish at home they usually appear when we leave the remnants of their favorite products on the table or floor, i.e. those containing starch and other polysaccharides (sugars), including organic adhesives present, for example, in every book. The food of silverfish can also be the remnants of the epidermis, hair or mold fungi which are for them vitamins for people, so you can find them not only in the kitchen, but also in all other rooms, including the bathroom. In addition, silverfish have the ability to digest cellulose, so they can eat paper and…. our favorite vacation photos. The matter is made even more difficult by the fact that such an insect is able to survive up to a year without food and lives from two to eight years. Silverfish do not transmit diseases, but are considered pests because they eat food left behind by humans and can destroy objects, for example books. Besides, their presence at home evokes negative emotions. It is therefore worth knowing how to get rid of silverfish .

How to exterminate silverfish ?

As for silverfish, it is rather impossible to control them without the use of special products for this purpose. So what to choose for silverfish ? Well, there is a very simple way to silverfish - a trap for silverfish S-trap. It is a trap designed based on the knowledge of the specific behavior of these insects, which makes it an adequate form for the method of monitoring the presence of silverfish. Such a trap is also effective against other insects (Thermobia domestica, Attagenus spp, Anthrenus spp, Psocoptera), so it will work even if we are not sure what species we are dealing with. How to get rid of silverfish in the bathroom, kitchen, pantry or other room? It is enough to place the trap on an even floor in a place where insects have an abundance of food (food scraps, paper, dead insects, etc.). The trap will do the rest of the work for us. The silverfish trap is made of transparent material and a stable, non-dripping adhesive, and is equipped with a safe lure - attractant in a pill. The preparation for silverfish effectively attracts insects, and the patented "attract and cheat" system enables uninterrupted work even in a humid and dusty environment. Due to the fact that the trap is transparent, it is easy to judge whether silverfish have caught on it, without having to look inside.

Application of the S-Trap

The S-Trap silverfish trap is recommended when you observe these insects at home, including in the bathroom. It is also recommended as a way to catch dangerous insects in restaurants, libraries and museums.

About Viper…

Non-Tox, Poison-Free Pest Management

Introducing Viper, our latest development in specialised poison-free rodent and insect management systems. With a global movement towards poison-free, sustainable, environment friendly and humane treatment of all animals, the Viper devices meet consumer demands offering the very best domestic and commercial pest management approach.

Viper Pest Control – The Benefits

  • Poison-free traps means there is no inhumane treatment.
  • No risk of poison exposure to native life, children or pets.
  • No poisoned rats or mice are left to die where ever they may fall, therefore avoiding a second round risk if consumed by pets, birds of prey or other forms of wildlife.
  • No carcasses are left to rot in unreachable places such as wall and ceiling voids which creates odour and attract flies and other insects.
  • In commercial food production facilities, there are no poisons left around food or the potential for “hoarding”, rodents to move rat baits to a secret (and potentially unsafe) location.
  • The Viper Pest Control traps provide a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution as toxic waste disposal is not an issue.
  • Instant kill or live-capture of rats or mice.
  • Live capture allows for identification and greater understanding of population density and location when implementing the correct control process.
  • New rodent sensor technology such as RatSense (see can alert you to the entry of rodents, early detection, automated reporting, improved compliance and a range of other great benefits for commercial facilities.

Not sure which is the best solution for your rodent or insect issue? Call us on 1300 665 657 or contact us here or on Facebook!

Viper S Trap for Silverfish

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