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Viper Food and Cloth Moth Trap 2in1 (5 pack)

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Viper Food & Cloth Moth Trap 2in1 (5 pack)

The Viper Food & Clothes Moth Trap 2in1 is intended for monitoring the presence of the insects by capturing them.

They are highly effective against the following:

  • Plodia interpunctella
  • Ephestia elutella
  • Ephestia kuehniella
  • Cadra cautella Wlk
  • Tineola bisselliella
  • Tineola pellionella

Made from coated paperboard, the adhesive surface is secured with silicone liner

This product does not contain insecticides and other harmful chemicals - the pheromone is added directly to the glue.

Comes in a pack of 5 traps.

Eco Friendly and No Poisons! Made in Poland

About Viper…

Non-Tox, Poison-Free Pest Management

Introducing Viper, our latest development in specialised poison-free rodent and insect management systems. With a global movement towards poison-free, sustainable, environment friendly and humane treatment of all animals, the Viper devices meet consumer demands offering the very best domestic and commercial pest management approach.

Viper Pest Control – The Benefits

  • Poison-free traps means there is no inhumane treatment.
  • No risk of poison exposure to native life, children or pets.
  • No poisoned rats or mice are left to die where ever they may fall, therefore avoiding a second round risk if consumed by pets, birds of prey or other forms of wildlife.
  • No carcasses are left to rot in unreachable places such as wall and ceiling voids which creates odour and attract flies and other insects.
  • In commercial food production facilities, there are no poisons left around food or the potential for “hoarding”, rodents to move rat baits to a secret (and potentially unsafe) location.
  • The Viper Pest Control traps provide a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution as toxic waste disposal is not an issue.
  • Instant kill or live-capture of rats or mice.
  • Live capture allows for identification and greater understanding of population density and location when implementing the correct control process.
  • New rodent sensor technology such as RatSense (see can alert you to the entry of rodents, early detection, automated reporting, improved compliance and a range of other great benefits for commercial facilities.

Not sure which is the best solution for your rodent or insect issue? Call us on 1300 665 657 or contact us here or on Facebook!

Viper Food & Clothes Moth Trap 2in1

What does a clothes moth look like?

Adult individuals of clothing moths are grayish or beige flying insects (their larvae are usually white, yellow or greenish, always with a brown head). Ripe moths in the closet do not eat, but use the supplies accumulated during the previous phase of development. Immature individuals usually feed on natural materials such as wool, felt, fur, feathers, cotton or linen. What's more, dirt caused by food, especially human sweat and urine, is an excellent medium for them. Made by the moles of clothing outlet are typically located in a warm, dark place. Adult males fly quite slowly, are easy to catch, while females move faster by jumping, and additionally lay a lot of eggs.

Food and clothing moths

When they see small flying insects at home, many people at first see moths in their clothes and direct their steps to the wardrobe with the suspicion of clothing moth infestation. In fact, you may find that other creatures have appeared in your home. The store moth (kitchen moth) and the hair moth (clothing moth) are very similar at first glance and are easy to confuse. How to distinguish food moths from clothing moths ? Well, the former are definitely more brownish-gray, they can reach a size of up to 10 mm. The second ones are smaller and straw-yellow in color. Once you've identified the type of insect that is present in your closet, you should apply a variety of clothes moth remedies as soon as possiblethat will eliminate both flying, mature insects as well as larvae or immature eggs.

How to get rid of clothing moths ?

Appearance of clothing moths is not always a sign of lack of cleanliness in the house or in the wardrobe. These pests can enter the dressing room through a window or ventilation shaft, so if you find larvae or flying individuals, you should quickly find a suitable method for clothing moths . First, clean your wardrobes to get rid of eggs and cocoons. Their combat often requires the use of specific substances, because the eggs moles are often invisible to the naked eye, it's easy to skip them during cleaning. There are many ready-made preparations on the market that will help you deal with this problem. We have all insect or aerosol concentrates at our disposal. In order to eliminate adult specimens, measures for clothing moths should be usedin the form of sticky pheromone traps or aromatic pendants and balls. The pheromone method is the most effective, it is safe and permanently eliminates the problem of moths in wardrobes with clothes. It is worth remembering, however, that the best way to eliminate moths in the closet is appropriate prophylaxis, i.e. the use of preventive preparations with the scent of lavender, lemon or cloves and storing clothes in appropriate conditions.

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