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Tri-Flo Electric Bed Bug Heater

Are you looking for a bed bug heater?

Tri-Flo Electric Bed Bug Heaters are the next evolution in bed bug treatments! Not only do traditional chemical treatments leave behind a hazardous residue that can be harmful to people, but research also shows that continuous chemical exposure has led to many pests such as Bed Bugs building a resistance. While infestations are on the rise, this has led to the need to create better safer solutions for Bed Bug control and eradication. Check out the Tri-flo bed bug heater that is designed to enable you to eradicate bed buds effectively.

Tri-Flo Heaters - An Effective Bed Bug Solution!

This is where our Tri-Flo electric bed bug heaters come in. Heat is the one approach that bed bugs and other pests cannot evolve to withstand. Pest and bed bug experts are realising that the most effective and chemical-free way to get control any insect pest or bed bug problem is through temperatures they are unable to withstand.

Lethal temperatures for bed bugs range between 47.2 and 50°c. That’s why our heaters get up to 50°c and above to ensure all bed bugs and pests are effectively killed. When you heat a room for an extended period of time (approximately 4 hours) to temperatures pests are unable to withstand, you can guarantee that you’ve efficiently (and safely) handled any infestation you have. Heat will also destroy pests at any stage of development, including eggs and larvae. On top of that, you don’t have the fear of lingering contamination or over-used chemicals in your living space.

Tri-Flo offers a simple solution for your business or home when you purchase a Tri-Flo electric bed bug heater. Review our selection of electric bed bug heaters today and find the right package for you or your business.

Eradicate Bed Bugs in half the time!

The Tri-Flo bed bug heater offers an easy way to eliminate bed bugs and we have affordable options here. Offering a thermal solution to control infestation, we bring you a safer option. Compared to chemical treatments which require, on average, 2.6 visits, using heat treatment for bed bug eradication is effective in just one use with a median of 1.3 visits across the industry. This makes our electric bed bug heaters a safe cost-effective solution.

Tri-Flo - Wide variety of usage applications

Our Tri-Flo electric bed bug heaters are a great solution for a wide variety of clients and professional pest controllers. Applications include:

  • Homeowners looking for a chemical-free, sustainable solution
  • Hotel and motel owners looking for an in-house or professional solution
  • Cruise and cargo ship owners seeking a way to handle any pest problem that happens while you’re out on the water
  • Business owners looking for a way to control pests with no chemical contamination
  • Professional pest managers looking to start a business, expand their existing business services or move away from using chemicals

Tri-Flo Electric Bed Bug Heater - The Benefits

  • Metal construction for durability and commercial use
  • Dual airflow ports which doubles the output flow of heated air
  • Electric heat-based treatment is cheaper and safer than chemicals and fumigation
  • Gradually raises ambient temperature making Bed Bugs lethargic before high heat death
  • Runs using power source on site. Uses 110v or 220v outlets
  • Portable and easily used by staff