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Thermo-bug – The revolution of pest control started with hot air.

Thermo-Bug offers the pest management and the accommodation industry the opportunity to manage bed bugs internally and to have a significant point of difference to traditional (and inconsistent) chemical treatments. The revolutionary Thermo-bug® 2.0 is discrete, quick, silent, odourless and chemical free. It offers a sustainable and cost effective treatment which is 100% fatal for bed bugs and all insect pests!

Until only a few decades ago, the bed bug were considered extinct. Now they are here again, worse than ever before. Exterminators blame resistance to insecticides, increased global travel activity, and an increased sensitivity in society to the use of pesticides and insecticides. Once you have the little parasites in your house or hotel, it is not so easy to get rid of them. Bed Bugs cause unbearable itching, generally several bites in a row (the bedbug “street”), small spots of blood on the sheets, and a sweet-seeming smell in the room – these are sure signs of a bedbug infestation.

The Thermo-Bug provides the perfect chemical-free solution!

The strategy is HEAT!

Biochemists call it denaturation. The term describes a structural change of bio molecules such as proteins that is connected to a loss of biological function of these molecules. Every cell is made of proteins. If the ambient (room) temperature is heated to 55 °C for an extended period (1 to 4 hours), every protein compound will irrevocably clot, and any insect life will die. Ambience temperatures above 45 °C and below -18 °C destroy unprotected life forms very quickly. The Thermo-Bug® heats up a room to 70 °C. Quickly, silently and without any chemicals, and best of all it’s 100% fatal.

For even, thorough room-air heating, we recommend use of Thermo-Bug® 2.0, combined with the Thermo-Bug® 2.0 trailer and the Thermo-Bug® airblower in high rooms.

Advantages Include

  • High quality (German made) equipment
  • Non-chemical control, no room toxicity or contamination
  • Suites areas large and small including hotel accommodation and domestic situations.
  • Room availability within 12 hours (and as little as 6 hours)
  • Effective cost savings for in-house treatment
  • Ensures customer comfort and environmentally friendly
  • Internationally recognised as the best bed bug treatment success
  • Portable (not truck mounted)
  • Support with training and procedures.
  • Portable heating units are ideal for remote accommodation (defence, mining and island resorts),

Thermo-bug - Training

In-House training and procedures will be provided by our technical team.

Standard Room Set: Includes 2 x Thermo-Bug Basic Heaters, 1 x Thermo-Bug Air Blower and a Three-phase distribution box and power cable set.
Room Set Options: Additional items include toolboxes, Thermo-Bug Trailer and up to 100 meters of Three-Phase power extension.