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RatSense Rodent Sensor Technology

Ratsense – With the introduction of monitoring rodent movement, this new technology offers a quantum leap forward in the management, reporting and monitoring of active rodent populations in commercial facilities. The technology leverages off RatSense sensors which use the IoT network to deliver actual rodent movement via activations from the sensor to your computer dashboard.

The Benefits!

  • The best way to monitor your premises 24/7.
  • Track rodent movement, entry points, congregation and nesting locations.
  • A low-cost, self-powered and self-connected solution.
  • Offering world-class data, analytical diagrams and heat maps.
  • Supply “real-time” data directly to you via the Dashboard Client Interface.
  • Reduce labour intensity of device checking, while improving your staff and human resources management
  • Increase rodent hardware and resource efficiencies.
  • Greatly reduce (or eliminate) rodenticide use, waste and reliance on poisons.
  • Vastly improve animal welfare compliance and commitment to our environment.

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Rodent Sensor Technology – Optimise Success and Client Peace of Mind!

RatSense uses passive infrared sensors and cloud connectivity to monitor and map real-time rodent movement. The platform generates hot spot tracking, population estimates, insightful analytics and facility maps to remove the guesswork for deploying effective rodent control.

From our Melbourne base we can support you with local training, expertise and distribution.

Pssst! Did you know…?

It’s not only rodents that Ratsense works on. With growing awareness and legislation surrounding animal welfare, most states require Australian pest managers to adhere to 24-hour monitoring of vertebrate live capture traps. This includes rodents in repeating traps, or larger vertebrate cage traps for animals such as pest birds, feral cats, possums and foxes.

However, continuous monitoring to ensure the ethical entrapment of animals can also result in increased costs, as it means having employees available to hit the road 24/7. This is why new technology in trap sensors such as Ratsense are such attractive options for pest managers. Contact us to learn more!