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PestIT Webinar Series

During COVID Lockdown PestIT shared numerous training sessions and interviews with leading industry figures. We hope to conitnue this in 2023 with our Podcast series, as well as other training initiatives.


Webinar: Pest Profile – The Feral Pigeon

Webinar: Pest Profile – Indian Mynas

Webinar: Pest Profile – Seagulls

Webinar: Bird Management Products and Systems

Webinar: Rodent Sensor Technology

Webinar: Room Heat Treatments

Webinar: Introduction to Bird Management


Interview: Andrew Critchley, Founder, APMN

Interview: Vasili Tsoutouras, President, AEPMA

Interview: Andrew Usher, Catand Advisory

Interview: Raja Mahendran, Int’l Pest Expert

Interview: Ian Senior, Refresh Accounting

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