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Mini Myna Magnet Testimonials

Mini Myna Magnet Testimonials – First up Success at Trapping Indian Mynas for Mugga Lane Cattle Stud Owners

Des Owens, owner of the Mugga Lowline Stud, Mugga Lane in Canberra, was despairing at seeing his native birds bullied and banished from around his property homestead by Indian Mynas. Looking at the limited options available Des purchased a Myna Magnet Indian Myna trap, and set about deploying it with the notion of removing some of these unwanted invaders from his property. Over a 10 day period with a little help from the Myna Magnet’s manufacturers, Des worked out the best position for the trap and proceeded to employ the regime outlined in the instructions. Tempting the birds to the trap was initially difficult because of the abundance of food around the property. (Hand feeding cattle and the presence of a large hen house). Eventually a position in the cattle yards was chosen and a diet of watermelon and Hills Science Diet Kitten food (see photo) was deemed best along with a daily supply of fresh water! Sunday the 22nd of October and the trap was set to “capture” mode at 6.30am. By 12 Midday it was decided that there was not enough food left on the ground to tempt any more birds into the trap, and there probably was not enough room left in the top cage for any more birds.

After collection, Des had 19 Indian Mynas and 12 Starlings to dispose of! After clearing the trap, it was reset and checked on Monday morning, another 10 Mynas and 3 Starlings. Tuesdays catch was 6 Mynas.

Five days later, and another 20 Mynas have been caught!

The total catch for the trapping cycle is: 55 Indian Mynas & 15 Starlings

Mini Myna Magnet Testimonials

Vern from Townsville QLD reports:
I used the trap when I first received it and captured 93 Mynas in about 8-10 weeks. No other birds entered the main cage in the trap. This depleted the local population and I rarely saw a bird for the following 8-9 months although they are now drifting back in. It is time to start again. I found the trap easy to assemble and use but do note that a petrol vehicle is needed (not diesel) to euthanize the birds”.

Ross from Lindfield NSW reports:
“Dear Peter, thanks for your inquiry. Funny you should contact me just now. I have only just today retrieved my Magnet from under the house to catch a few birds. The first time I put it out it worked a treat. Caught 23. They are wiley critters and develop a keen sense of danger about the trap. It has been a couple of years and they would have lost memory of the device being dangerous by now. The trap (the larger original Myna Magnet) is a little cumbersome but I appreciate that certain compromises are made to enable flat packing.”

Marc is a vertabrate trapping professional, he reports:
“Thanks for the email, from our experience the only downfall of these cages is that they fill too quickly. “ He placed an order for another trap.

Dave is a volunteer with the CFA, he reports:
I have found the trap very effective …. I am currently enjoying a more native bird population.
John from North Rocks Sydney used the original Myna Magnet and reports:
I have exterminated some 120 of these ferals from my backyard in North Rocks over the last few years. “Magically’ now none, for some considerable time fly over my yard! My big trap is unemployed-horror!

Lawrence of Wheeler Heights NSW:

I’m a suburban user in Sydney. I bought my trap a few years ago after being fed up of aggressive Mynas taking over my garden, the neighbourhood and chasing the local birds away. I originally caught a local tribe of about a dozen Mynas in the trap and since then haven’t had any problems. The local Australian (noisy) Mynas are seen a lot more in the garden now and we have King Parrots that come to the house and feed as well as a few other native birds visiting the garden. So I’m well pleased with the results and happy that the pests haven’t returned so far. It would be good to see local councils using these traps to eradicate more of these pests from around Sydney. He sent in a photo of the King Parrots that have returned to their backyard – “we went from a garden full of Mynas to the attached photo” with Myna Magnet.

David from Maitland NSW reports:

We are in Maitland NSW and have been using the Myna Magnet for quite a few years now, we have found this such a simple and effective device to catch the winged rats. We have lost count of how many but it has made a substantial dent on the local Mynas.

Douglas Reports:
The Myna trap is great – we had a large group of them that were constantly around our home. After catching nearly 30, the entire group had been caught. A couple are starting to return as we have a dog and they are always looking to steal what they can including dog food and the seed we leave out for the native birds. Now that the birds seem comfortable I am about to deploy the trap again to wipe out this little group. I think councils should offer hire of these traps to help eradicate the horrible pests – that would be good for the environment and something I would like to see council spend money on.

P.H. of Evatt in the A.C.T. reports:
It can be seen from the trap that a lot of design effort has been put into the project. Instructions followed & first trapping day has been today. First morning catch has been 12 mynas & 10 starlings. Gas used & system appears to be quick with minimum stress to the birds. Currently there appears to be another 6-7 birds in the trap. Trap appears very selective as we have a lot of other bird species & none have yet been drawn into the trap.