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Eagle Eye Flat Bracket

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Eagle Eye Accessories - Flat Bracket

Eagle Eye Flat Brackets are used to fix 19mm (3/4") Pipe to a flat part of the wall or structure

(Note: Fasteners are supplied separately)

1 x Eagle Eye Flat Bracket

Made from ABS plastic.

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Eagle Eye Bird Control

Eagle Eye is a bird deterrent system introduced into Australia by PestIT, the innovators in bird management. The Eagle Eye’s reflective pyramid rotates via an electric motor or wind-driven bearing, sending the beams around in a menacing pattern. The light spectrum reflected back by the Eagle Eye disorients birds in flight by limiting their vision significantly. This causes the bird to deviate in flight and fly to another destination. Eagle Eye’s success in the bird control has led to installation into hundreds of facilities Australia-wide. This is particularly the case in regard to protected species where lethal means of control is inappropriate and illegal without permitted permission.

For more information on Eagle Eye click here.

What to Expect with the Eagle Eye Bird Control System

The Eagle Eye can be expected to deter a high-percentage of resident birds. However, fewer will be deterred if they are nesting, roosting, or feeding in the location. In these cases, deterring should be reinforced with population dispersal, site clean-up, mechanical deterrents and/or physical deterrents found in the AvePro bird control range. Should reflections irritate people in nearby buildings, deflectors or Eagle Eye RED (tinted unit) can be installed to reduce the issue. The units will require cleaning and annual maintenance so a maintenance contract should be contemplated with an accredited Eagle Eye installer. In fact, apart from horticultural and agricultural situations, Eagle Eye should be installed by an accredited installer. Cleaning and polishing with soapy water should be completed quarterly or half yearly (as a minimum) to maintain the quality of the reflective surface. Remember, a reflective bird deterrent that isn’t reflecting will no longer deter birds at full strength, allowing birds back in.

Package Dimensions
length 8
width 8
height 4
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