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Bird Control Assessment and Quoting - Free Site Visit

Assessment – Budget – Proposal

Assessing your facility

Bird control assessment and quoting focuses on helping solve pest bird issues for a variety of clients. Solving pest bird issues requires an understanding of bird biology, observation of the pest birds, flock size, length of time on the site and the behaviour they are exhibiting. We also need to understand the facility or structure and the business purpose (food, logistics, warehousing, retail, aviation, etc) to assist with a recommendation. There are a series of variables in every situation and a member of the AvePro team or one of our National Installation Network clients will organise a site visit. As mentioned throughout this website, professional installation by our National Installation Network will result in the solution, finish and value needed for commercial and industrial buildings. We can assist your facility with product specifications, technical information, creating an appropriate budget and an outline of a program to assist in “Creating your Bird-Free Zone”.

Creating a Budget

At PestIT, we can help you uncover cost-effective bird management strategies. For effective control, pest bird management solutions require expert knowledge of pest bird behaviour, a thorough understanding of the environment and deployment of a custom-tailored solution. While sometimes a simple strategy may be appropriate, more often a multi-stage approach provides the best long-term solution. PestIT are industry leaders in bird management strategies offering expert advice for any level of complexity.

Providing a proposal for your facility

PestIT has been providing bird control assessment and quoting, recommendations and training for architects, builders and the professional pest industry for nearly two decades. In fact, many of the techniques, training and quoting modules and product technologies that are now industry standard, were pioneered by PestIT. If you require a quote for bird management, please provide us with as much detail as possible including site plans, species identification, location, photos, damage being caused and an overall description. Contact our office on 1300 665 657 or complete the form below.

You are welcome to contact us using the form below or on our Facebook page – let us help you with your bird control assessment and quoting needs.

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