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AvePro Gutter Spikes

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AvePro Gutter Spike

AvePro Gutter Spikes are a totally stainless steel bird spike designed for unforgiving Australian conditions. They will deter large pest birds from your leading edge and gutters. Examples of birds deterred include pigeons, ibis, crows, ravens and cockatoos to name but a few.

Spike Information and Dimensions:

Width: 200mm

Height: 110mm

Length: 500mm

02 Stainless Steel

Avepro Gutter Spikes are supplied in 20m cartons (each piece is 500mm in length)

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About AvePro Bird Control

Cost effective solutions that work!

As the manufacturer of AvePro Bird Control Systems, PestIT Pty Ltd is Australia’s leading structural bird management professionals in the design, specification, training and installation of bird management systems in Australia and New Zealand. Our team members have many decades of exceptional expertise in all aspects of bird management. We understand the complexity of bird homing instincts and environmental issues and are here to help you uncover the best solution to eliminate the expensive and frustrating hazards of birds. We work with Architects, Builders, Town Planners, Estimators and Pest Managers.

The harsh Australian climate and UV intensity has resulted in the development of the AvePro stainless steel spikes. This product is 302 grade stainless steel and contains no plastic which has shown to breakdown over time in the southern hemisphere. The system has been in use for many years externally on Australian and New Zealand commercial buildings and industrial applications.

We strongly recommend avoiding inferior bird spikes traditionally made with a clear plastic base. The suns ultra-violet (UV) light penetrates through the clear base and has a negative effect on the glue over time. Effects to glue or bonding agents generally include discolouring, weakening, becoming brittle and potential failure. We have witnessed spikes ejecting off multi-story buildings in both Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra within 3 months of installation! This is disastrous for the installer, the building owner and potentially for passers-by.

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Package Dimensions
length 50
width 9
height 20
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