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AvePro Deluxe Bird Netting 50mm

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AvePro Deluxe Bird Netting 50mm is a professional netting system designed specifically for Australian and New Zealand commercial buildings and industrial applications. AvePro bird netting offers building managers and professional installers a durable, long life and low visibility range of net and hardware in a variety of colours, mesh size and net sizes. The range has been designed in Australia to offer improved installation efficiencies.

AvePro Deluxe Bird Netting product attributes:

  • Made from high density Polyethylene twine
  • Twine is heat sealed, twisted and knotted for maximum strength and durability
  • Highly resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays
  • Nearly invisible in most situations
  • Low-profile installation system
  • Backed by a manufacturer’s warranty
  • “Flame Free” Flame Resistant now available
  • Will not rot or absorb water
  • Protecting buildings and structures worldwide
  • Widely specified on government and historical properties
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Available in four standard sizes plus custom sizes

AvePro Deluxe Bird mesh size suited to excluding pigeons or larger pest birds. Supplied in the colour black.

Available in four sizes

  • 50m x 10m - Black
  • 20m x 20m - Black
  • 20m x 10m - Black
  • 10m x 10m - Black

If in doubt on the size or further accessories needed, please call us on 1300 665 657 or contact us here.

Caution - Things you should know about bird netting

Other nets claim to be equivalent to products like AvePro Deluxe, however, many bird nets sold in Australia are poor substitutes, including:

Orchard Nets:

These woven or diamond shaped mesh nets are designed to be stretched over orchards. While this form of netting represented one quarter of the cost of premium nets, these nylon nets (not HDPE) are not fire resistant, will absorb moisture and rot. They will continue to stretch and sag very quickly. With no straight lines, the diamond shape is visually very obtrusive. Essentially, orchard netting should never be used in an architectural situation.

Fishing Nets:

These nets are square knotted nets, disguised as bird netting. While they look similar, these “flat nets”, they are not pre-stretched and they begin to sag very quickly. Sagging on horizontal nets can become caught on loading trucks and forklifts. The sagging is also visually unsightly. Fishing nets lack the strength, endurance and UV stability of premium and this is why they carry only a 5 year warranty. While these nets are half the price of premium nets, they will not last the test of time and offer poor long-term value as they require more regular replacement.

For more information on AvePro Deluxe Bird Netting 50mm - check this out. 

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