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Viper Fruit Fly Trap Bottle

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Viper Fruit Fly Trap Bottle - COMING SOON!

This safe, effective and reusable trap is ideal for indoor, home, restaurant kitchens, hospitality and food production areas to monitor and control fruit fly infestations.

This non-chemical and eco-friendly trap can be used at regular intervals inside, especially around rubbish bins, drains or bar areas with sugar syrup and food debris build-up.

Often called “bar flies” or fruit flies, vinegar flies, wine flies, the treatment of Drosophila species can also be paired with UV light traps (see BRC Fly Units), glueboards (see Demi-Diamond Traps), drain cleaning and general site sanitation practices. This trap also has use in horticultural pursuits to capture insect populations around 

Package Dimensions

Package Dimensions
length 15
width 20
height 20


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