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Viper Flat Food Moth Trap

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Viper Flat Food Moth Trap

The Viper Flat Food Moth Trap is designed to be hung up in an area where there is food moth activity.

Application highly effective against: Food moths (Plodia interpunctella, Ephestia elutella, Ephestia kuehniella, Cadra cautella Wlk)

Material: Coated paperboard; the adhesive surface is secured with silicone liner

Specific features:

  • rigid structure
  • pheromone added directly to glue
  • product does not contain harmful substances
  • space for service notes

The Viper Flat Food Moth Trap is Eco Friendly and Non Tox - this product does not contain harmful substances.

What do food moths look like ?

We often notice flying insects or larvae crawling in kitchen cabinets in the kitchen. If you are wondering how to fight moths , it is worth realizing first that small pests in the kitchen are not the same species as these attacking clothes, so to get rid of them, you should use a specially designed food moth remedy.. Creatures, though small in size, can reproduce very quickly, infecting food and posing a risk to human health. Adults are usually brownish-gray, moving quite slowly, most often towards the light. The larvae, on the other hand, are usually white or yellow, although there are also greenish individuals. Depending on the stage of their development, we can find products on the market for moths that have already developed, but also for eggs or larvae. The most effective in the fight against moths are undoubtedly pheromone traps because they do not catch all flying moths, thus preventing the laying of eggs and the multiplication of subsequent generations of pests

Where do moths in our kitchen come from?

Contrary to appearances, finding food moths in an apartment does not mean a lack of hygiene. Even in the best-kept home , kitchen moths can spread , which can spread there from infected products purchased in stores. When we move them to the apartment, moths in the kitchen begin to reproduce. These insects thrive particularly well in mills, food warehouses, and then their eggs get into the food and this is how they end up on store shelves and in our homes. Plastic or paper packages are not a problem for them - they easily get out of them, looking for new sources of food. There is a group of foods that especially attract these little creatures, so in some cases you should be careful when shopping. The most vulnerable to this type of pest are: flours, pasta, cereals, cereals, and even dried fruit and nuts.

How to get rid of food moths ? Is There An Effective Way To Kill Kitchen Moths ?

It is possible to eliminate the moth problem at home , but it is a multi-stage process. The first steps are to go through all your food items carefully and to discard any infected items, which can sometimes amount to your entire kitchen cupboard supplies. Then you need to apply an effective moth remedy, thanks to which we will kill both larvae and adults. By choosing, for example, food moth glue in the form of a Panko pheromone trap, you will successfully get rid of adults that, attracted by the pheromone, will stick to the plate (it is the so-called moth glue ). How to eradicate food moths at an early stage of development? In this case set up a moth trap only after the kitchen cabinet has been thoroughly washed and all pest-infested food products have been removed . Thus, we will get rid of the larvae and the eggs invisible to the naked eye.

About Viper…

Non-Tox, Poison-Free Pest Management

Introducing Viper, our latest development in specialised poison-free rodent and insect management systems. With a global movement towards poison-free, sustainable, environment friendly and humane treatment of all animals, the Viper devices meet consumer demands offering the very best domestic and commercial pest management approach.

Viper Pest Control – The Benefits

  • Poison-free traps means there is no inhumane treatment.
  • No risk of poison exposure to native life, children or pets.
  • No poisoned rats or mice are left to die where ever they may fall, therefore avoiding a second round risk if consumed by pets, birds of prey or other forms of wildlife.
  • No carcasses are left to rot in unreachable places such as wall and ceiling voids which creates odour and attract flies and other insects.
  • In commercial food production facilities, there are no poisons left around food or the potential for “hoarding”, rodents to move rat baits to a secret (and potentially unsafe) location.
  • The Viper Pest Control traps provide a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution as toxic waste disposal is not an issue.
  • Instant kill or live-capture of rats or mice.
  • Live capture allows for identification and greater understanding of population density and location when implementing the correct control process.
  • New rodent sensor technology such as RatSense (see can alert you to the entry of rodents, early detection, automated reporting, improved compliance and a range of other great benefits for commercial facilities.

Not sure which is the best solution for your rodent or insect issue? Call us on 1300 665 657 or contact us here or on Facebook!

Viper Flat Food Moth Trap

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