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The Pigeon Magnet Trap

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The Pigeon Magnet Trap is a Professional-Grade, heavy duty collapsible trap - 600mm x 700mm x 700mm

Following in the footsteps of the successful Myna Magnet, the Pigeon Magnet is a durable, collapsible and commercial size trapping solution for reducing feral pigeon populations.

This trap has successfully and humanely assisted facilities in Australia, New Zealand and Asia with the removal of this disease-carrying species. Trapping pigeons is easy, safe, discrete and targeted.

Trap set includes: Main trap, two entry doors, perch, bird removal doors, solid roof, perch, assembly clips, and instructions.

Please note: the Food and water containers pictured are sold separately. A storage bag is also sold separately.

Size: 600mm x 700mm x 700mm

Did you know…

Feral pigeons potentially carry diseases such as salmonella, toxoplasmosis, histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, psittacosis (ornithosis) and numerous other bacteria and pathogens. The corrosive nature of pigeon droppings also damages building surfaces, creating substantial cleaning and maintenance issues for businesses.

Complete Pigeon Magnet trap set. Includes trap, two entry doors, perch, two bird removal doors and solid roofed dishes, assembly clips, and instructions.

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Magnet Trap

The Magnet Trap Range – Australian-designed Collapsible Commercial Vertebrate Cage Traps


For over a decade, PestIT has been the manufacture of the world-famous Myna Magnet Trap. This trap was developed from the origins of extensive research at the Australian National University. The use of the two-chamber trap revolutionised the trapping of such a suspicious and ‘trap-shy’ species such as the Indian or common myna and the European starling. A smaller version called The Mini Myna Trap has now been used by professionals, homeowners, conservation groups and councils throughout Australia. Internationally, the trap has been used extensively in the South Pacific, Asia and many Island eradication projects.

From these early origins, PestIT then developed a variety of collapsible traps to form The Magnet Trap Range. These Australian designed heavy-duty traps are suited to domestic, government, conservation and professional trapping programs. All traps in the range are collapsible for easy transport and storage. With set up in minutes. The cage construction is resistant to rats, cats and birds of prey which will cause havoc with captured animals and birds when using net-type traps.

The Magnet Trap vision is to preserve Australia’s rich biodiversity for native species, maintain the highest level of animal welfare and assist our clients with the best available professional trapping systems. All Magnet Traps are designed in Australia with heavy duty collapsible cage construction, mesh base for easy cleaning and optional storage bag. Our optional humane CO2 gassing kit is now available for humane dispatching of pest birds.

The collapsible nature of these traps is a tremendous feature for professionals, whereby the trap quickly collapses to approximately 15 percent of its initial size. This alone is outstanding for both vehicle transport and after use storage.

Package Dimensions
length 72
width 72
height 9
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