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BRC UV Tube Actinique 40W T12 61cm Shatter Proof

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BRC UV Tube Actinique 40W T12 61cm Shatter Proof - 16-T40WAES

Fits the following units (and more)

  • PestWest Nemesis CM (Corner Mount)
  • PestWest Ultima 80
  • PestWest Nemesis Splash Proof
  • PestWest Chameleon 4x4
  • PestWest Chameleon 4x4 EX

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ABOUT BRC - Manufacturer of the 40W T12:

BRC, a French manufacturing company created in 1943, designs, produces and markets reliable insect traps, hygiene equipment, and air comfort and air control devices. In its efforts to constantly improve its products and services, BRC makes customer satisfaction the focus of its business activities and has been doing so for over 70 years. Its values are based on quality, innovation and commitment. All BRC product ranges are manufactured in France and comply with European standards (CE marking) and HACCP recommendations. The BRC team is proud of its continuous collaboration with French and European suppliers, and of its contribution to the local economy, as well as to supporting jobs and creating employment in France. As a company steadfast in its environmentally friendly approach, BRC is committed to designing sturdy, sustainable products. As a means of staying attuned to the needs of its customers, this guide is offered with a full explanatory introduction to the BRC product range, including recommendations specific to each activity sector in order to better address all requirements, as well as information.

BRC insect traps are suited to all environments, including the harshest ones. Whether electric or glue-based, the insect traps offer the most reliable solution against flying insects, at a low operating cost. In fact, their effectiveness is based on the strong attraction of insects to the UVA fluorescent lamps. Their non-polluting properties and chemical- and odour-free features make them environmentally friendly, economical and durable.

Package Dimensions
length 65
width 5
height 5
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