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AvePro Bird Repellers

Introducing the latest in bird deterrent technology – the AvePro Laser Bird Repeller.

These mounted bird lasers are ideal scare devices for deterring birds from domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural situations – day and night!

The lasers are suitable for a wide variety of pest birds and work by frightening the birds with intense spots and beams. Local and international use indicate that pest birds do not become accustomed to the constantly moving beam and laser patterns making it a great long term solution. If you are looking for bird repellers, we have a range of options and products here. Our laser bird scarer makes an effective option and is suitable for all types of properties. The laser bird deterrent offers an easy way to keep birds away around your home and workplace and is a discrete solution. For all your needs for bird repellers in Melbourne, connect with us.

For indoor and outdoor application, our team can assist you in selecting the correct laser for your bird deterring purposes. From a compact and economical indoor (Class II) unit to powerful outdoor (Class III) lasers for open areas, roofs, agriculture, horticulture, fields and the like, these visual deterrents will be an ideal addition to your bird management program.

The scientific perspective – A bird’s vision or sight is the dominant or primary sensory pathway and therefore the most developed of the avian senses. Studies show birds can distinguish colours ranging from ultraviolet, red and the entire range of human sight wavelengths (Blackwell et al 2002). Researchers have long since suggested that “avian behaviour might be manipulated more effectively by the use of intense and coherent light sources, i.e. a laser (Lustick 1973). The same study goes on to say “irritation due to beam intensity produced avoidance behaviour in all species tested”. Lasers have been tested and used commercially for bird dispersal since the early 1970’s. Studies conclude that lasers are a valuable tool in the non-lethal deterrence of avian species. Additionally lasers can also limit the need for poisons or audio dispersal.

The new developments such as the AvePro Laser Bird Repellers provide a contrast of wave lengths, colour, patters and movement in order to maintain ongoing disturbance and behaviour modification. Simple remote controls and physical shrouds aid operation time and location to deter birds in commercial spaces. We can also cater to your needs for bird repellers in Sydney and bird repellers in Brisbane.

Which unit is best for you?

The AvePro Bird Laser Repllers are available in three configurations:

  • 13-APLX-44P AvePro Bird Repeller Laser Light for Outdoor 100mW Class 2
  • 13-APLX-45P AvePro Bird Repeller Laser Light for Indoor 1mW Class 3R
  • 13-APLX-45P-5 AvePro AG Laser Bird Repellent with Rotator 1000mW Class 3R

To install:

To install simply mount the laser and adjust the sweeping laser patterns over the area of bird activity. This could be the beam structure of a roof, an open area of land or over an agricultural crop.

Each AvePro Bird Repeller Laser is supplied with a Remote to help customise the laser patterns over your unique building or orchard layout.

Long-Term bird deterrence:

The principle of repelling birds with laser patterns is inspired by nature. Birds perceive the approaching laser beam as a physical danger. It appeals to the survival instinct, causing the birds to fly away. The continuous presence of the moving laser beam is a valuable tool for many bird species under low light or night-time conditions.

AvePro Bird Repeller Lasers have a wide variety of uses:

  • Easy to deploy most industrial and agricultural situations
  • Safe for humans when used correctly
  • Ethically and humanely deters pest birds
  • Weather resistant (IP65 rated)
  • Low running costs
  • Permanent and automated solution
  • Low environmental impact: no noise or poison and no pollution
  • No habituation: birds do not get used to the laser beam
  • Deters a wide variety of pest bird species.

Not sure which unit is best for you? Check out the brochure or contact us via email here or give us a call on 1300 665 657