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Bird Control Melbourne

At PestIT our team our industry leaders in pest bird control through Melbourne and nation-wide. With decades of experience, our strategy is to focus on understanding bird behaviour while at the same time conducting a thorough investigation of the site. Pest bird populations are on the increase Australia-wide due to urbanisation, availability of food and a continuing persistence in building structures that offer havens for pest bird species. Unwanted pest bird habitation is responsible for significant health, safety and widespread property damage.

With no two situations alike, we create a tailored working budget and develop a “mitigation” or bird management plan. Our goal is to achieve a solution that is affordable and long-lasting. The PestIT team offers world-class expert advice for any installation with quotation and training support also available.

When you consider the potential and actual costs associated with bird issues, managing pest bird issues in the early stage can literally save you thousands!

Cost saving reasons for bird control

  • Health risks – A facility should never underestimate the importance of bird control due to the serious health risks associated with pest birds. Both humans and animals can be severely impacted by bird-borne diseases by inhaling dried spores, contact with droppings, tainted food or water, and via parasites and vectors. Bacterial, fungal, respiratory and viral illnesses can affect the public, employees, clients and members of the bird management community. A facility’s employees and customers can also track bird droppings into buildings on their footwear creating a health and food safety hazard as well as a mess that needs to be cleaned. While it is difficult to estimate a cost to the business, it is highly likely that the health implications associated with pest birds will be significantly more detrimental than the investment in your bird management solution.
  • Slip and fall risks – The risk of litigation in response to work accidents or accidents in the public domain, is becoming increasingly common.
  • Image problems, staff and customer complaints – The cost of losing business will place a far greater financial burden on a company than the value of investing in a bird management system.
  • Noise – If your staff do not appreciate the noise, you can bet that your clients are not too thrilled about this either.
  • Clean-up costs – Cleaning a bird site regularly is a time-intensive and costly process. Many surfaces are not only damaged by the bird droppings, but the constant cleaning can create irreversible surface damage.
  • Work stoppages – More and more company staff and external contractors are becoming intolerant of working in facilities infested by pest birds. Especially when situations include workstations, air conditioners or production areas that are covered in bird faeces or dropping. Disease infested, dirty, smelly lead to a dangerous work environment breaches workplace health and safety standards.
  • Damage to equipment or building surfaces – Bird droppings contain corrosive uric acid that can damage materials including painted surfaces, steel, solar panels and glass. Add to this the enzymes excreted by bacteria in the bird droppings and you have a caustic material that will damage most building and machinery surfaces permanently. Maintenance and replacement are far more costly than a bird control program.
  • Clogged drains and fire hazards – Pest birds – particularly sparrows – are prolific nest builders. Starlings, pigeons and many other species of birds also introduce significant quantities of nesting material such as twigs, straw, insulation, wool, string and droppings into buildings. This can block drainage systems, cause fire risks, add damage to plant and equipment, pose hazards to food safety and public health. Carcasses of dead birds can also contribute to the issue of faeces build up. The cost of cleaning as well as the stress these risks place on building owners and their staff can all be minimised by effective bird management.
  • Damage to inventory – Birds infiltrating a retail or production area can deface and physically damage stored produce and inventory.