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BactaEx - Disinfectant Solution

Bacteria and Odour Elimination

BactaEx Introduction:

BactaEx is an all natural, organic, non toxic, non-irritant, environmentally and ecologically safe surface sanitising and disinfectant solution. This powerful and patented solution is produced from Neutral Electrolysed Water technology – derived from the electrolysis of two natural elements – salt and water. Containing 0.01-0.02% NaOC, it can be use on any surface that requires cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting – bacteria and odour will be eliminated after usage.

This product can be sprayed directly onto surfaces via a ULV Mister or applied with a clean cloth. BactaEx can be used on virtually any surface that needs disinfection, sterilisation or cleaning.

  • Wide range of applications and ready-to-use (no dilution required)
  • Water-based solution – Less corrosive
  • Safe for people and pets
  • Disinfects with odour elimination
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
  • Non-flammable and chemical free
  • Widely used and recommended by the WHO and CDC as a proven disinfectant
  • Available in 5L and 20L, application methods include misting and direct application.

BactaEx is available in 5L and 20L containers and is suitable for our ULV Cold Mister units. In this new era of hyper-awareness on issues of cleanliness and environmental sustainability, BactaEx is a great disinfectant choice.

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