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AvePro Wire Guide Clips (Pack of 100)

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AvePro Wire Guide Clips, Pack of 100.

For use with the AvePro Shock Track or Tree Shock systems, the AvePro Wire Guide Clips are used to secure Guide Wire at regular intervals to facilitate a neat, discreet and secure installation of these electrified systems.

AvePro Bird Control

Cost effective solutions that work!

As the manufacturer of AvePro Bird Control Systems, Pest IT Pty Ltd is Australia’s leading structural bird management professionals in the design, specification, training and installation of bird management systems in Australia and New Zealand. Our team members have many decades of exceptional expertise in all aspects of bird management. We understand the complexity of bird homing instincts and environmental issues and are here to help you uncover the best solution to eliminate the expensive and frustrating hazards of birds. We work with Architects, Builders, Town Planners, Estimators and Pest Managers.

AvePro products cover

  • Bird netting, including elevated netting
  • Bird spikes
  • Scare deterrents
  • Electrified deterrents
  • Bird traps
  • Electronic sensors
  • Bird disinfectants

We also offer the following services

  • Architects & Builder assessment and quoting
  • Training
  • Installation assistance

Not sure which is the best solution for your bird, rodent or insect issue? Call us on 1300 665 657 or contact us here or on Facebook!

Energise your “Next-Level” bird deterrence with AvePro Shock Track

AvePro presents a unique and humane solution for building managers to keep pest birds away from buildings. AvePro Shock Track is a high deterrence, low visibility system that has been in use for many years at commercial buildings and industrial structures in Australia and New Zealand. This long-life electrified bird deterrent system comprises durable stainless-steel braid which delivers a strong, but harmless charge to teach birds to stay away from the building. AvePro Shock is widely used in zoos and animal parks in Australia.

AvePro Shock Track – The Benefits

AvePro Electrified Bird Deterrents –

  • Comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s product replacement track warranty.
  • As a strong deterrence all sizes of bird species, AvePro Shock Track is particularly useful for difficult-to-manage species such as crows, ravens, cockatoos, Indian mynas and starlings. The system is also well suited to pigeons, sparrows, seagulls and other traditional pest birds.
  • One of the strongest bird deterrent systems. Made from stainless steel and high density, ultraviolet stabilised polyethylene.
  • High resistance to UV rays with a variety of heavy-duty fixings and components to help install the product on almost any building or structure.
  • Recommended for retail, domestic, commercial and historical properties. It can be easily attached to ledges, pipes, brick and stone walls, steel beams, rooves and parapets using a special bonding agent, and connected to an Australian-made energiser – solar or 240v powered system using energisers.
  • Ultra discreet – It includes a low profile design, only 6mm high and invisible when viewed from below with a choice of four colours to suit most buildings.
  • Can be turned off at the energiser to avoid an accidental shock when entering an area for maintenance.

For more information on electrified bird deterrents - click here

Package Dimensions
length 10
width 15
height 5
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