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AvePro Tree Shock - Electrified Deterrent

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Tree Shock

Tree Shock - Needing to remove pest birds and other vermin from trees?

Tree Shock was designed to provide a strong bird deterrence value, while having a unique, aesthetically pleasing appearance. When the birds or animal’s foot touches the positive and negatively charged wires, it gets a shock that trains them to stay away.

Where to Use: Tree branches

Target Bird: All bird species, and other wildlife too

Bird Pressure: All pressure levels

Material: UV-Stabilized PVC and Stainless Steel

Installation: Tubing is mounted using zip ties and nailed ties

Installation Level: Somewhat involved

Application: Easy to mount and connect using special ties that wrap around smaller branches. These can also be attached to larger branches using aluminium nails. NOTE: Working in and around trees can be dangerous; using professional installers is recommended

How it Works: When the bird or animal’s foot touches the positive and negatively charged wires, the tree shock will give it a shock that trains them to stay away.

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