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AvePro SuperSpike

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AvePro SuperSpike Bird Spikes - Stainless Steel

AvePro SuperSpikes - each piece is 500mm in length - available in a carton of 20m. Available in two sizes

02 Stainless Steel

Medium (consider AvePro Shock or Netting if birds are nesting).





AvePro SuperSpikes are a totally stainless steel bird spike designed for unforgiving Australian conditions. They will deter large pest birds from ledges, parapets, beams, roofs and numerous other architectural features. Examples of birds deterred include pigeons,ibis, crows, ravens and cockatoos to name but a few.

The harsh Australian climate and UV intensity has resulted in the development of this stainless steel spike. This product is 302 grade stainless steel and contains no plastic which has shown to breakdown over time in the southern hemisphere.

The system has been in use for many years externally on Australian and New Zealand commercial buildings and industrial applications. AvePro offers building managers and professional installers a durable, effective and long life system that can deter large pest birds for years to come.

Larger pest birds such as pigeons, ibis, crows, ravens and cockatoos.Not recommended for small species such as sparrows, starlings, mynas or sparrows.

Used alone, or together, they can protect any width ledge. AvePro SuperSpikes are the ideal spike for harsh, U.V intensive Australian conditions. 10 Year Warranty.

AvePro SuperSpikes are an all stainless steel spike that comes in 500mm lengths for fast application. The base can be cut easily with snips or shears. It curves gently or takes hard bends to conform to the building’s features.

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Package Dimensions
length 54
width 12
height 15
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