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AvePro Solar Exclusion Kit

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AvePro Solar Exclusion Kit

AvePro Solar Exclusion Kit for protecting solar panels from birds nesting around and under panels, bird faeces covering panels and other bird-related issues.

Kit includes

  • AvePro Solar Mesh Stainless Steel (230mm x 30m)
  • AvePro Solar Exclusion Clips - Pack of 60.
  • Gloves
  • Instructions

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Humane and easy to install, mesh netting is a smart solution for protecting solar panels from pest birds.

Pigeons that were once confined to nesting in the streetscape of our retail and commercial structures are now occupying the roofs of suburban homes in alarming numbers. With abundant food available at local parks, schools and retail areas, unfortunately, domestic and commercial solar panels are providing the perfect shelter for disease carrying, feral pigeons. Protected, insulated from extreme temperatures and hidden from view and predators, solar panels represent ideal nesting zones.

With solar panels featuring on one in five Australian homes, a single home with solar panels can support 40 or more pigeons. The smell, mess, loss of solar panel efficiency and damage to the homeowner’s roof, gutters and water harvesting storage is severe.

Solar Panel Bird Proofing with AvePro Solar Mesh with our unique Solar Mesh Clips provides an easy and effective solution which denies pest birds access without damaging your solar panel(s) or roof. Available in stainless steal with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, the problem in solved in a few hours averting expensive damage to your roof.

The AvePro Solar Mesh exclusion system is the number one choice in all Australian building environmental situations. Unlike other similar products on the market, AvePro Solar Mesh is not a plastic coated galvanised mesh so there are no issues with rusting on the “cut” edges.

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Package Dimensions
length 36
width 26
height 26
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