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AvePro Gutter Brush

AvePro Gutter Brush is an easy to install system that acts as a physical deterrent to birds, mice, rats and other pests from nesting and invading gutters and ceiling space. It’s so effective in preventing the build up of dirt, leaves, and other debris, whilst also allowing the water to glow through your gutters.

What is AvePro Gutter Brush?

Australian-made AvePro Gutter Brush is a twist wire brush to prevent pests, leaves, dirt and plant matter from getting into your guttering. Easy to install, it comes in lengths of 1 metre that are placed in your roof gutter. The AvePro Gutter Brush can be installed to deter birds while offering a discrete and durable solution. If you want to buy a gutter brush online, we are here to offer a hassle-free experience.

How to use the AvePro Gutter Brush

The brush can be placed end to end, can be bent to go around the corners of your roof guttering to provide continuous gutter protection. Great for blocking open gaps in your roofline and placing under Solar Panels to keep out pests.

Product Specifications:

• Galvanised steel twisted wire
• Fire Retardant Polypropylene fibre
• Fire rated fibre and UV resistant
• Australian Made

Why use it?

• Prevents build-up of leaves, dirt, debris, and other obstructions
• Still allows free water flow into your gutters
• Acts as a deterrent to birds, mice, rats and other pests from nesting and invading your ceiling space
• Easy to install
• Helps to maintain your guttering and reduce the onset of rusting from leaf matter building up in your gutter.
• Easy to clean – simply lift out, shake or hose off and re-use
• Great for your home, garage, shed or warehouse
• Australian Made

Product Options

Gutter Brush Product Options:
• 110mm diameter
• 125mm diameter
• 150mm diameter
• 175mm diameter AvePro Solar Panel Brush – great for under Solar Panels to keep out pests

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  1. AvePro Gutter Brush 110mm x 1m ea
    As low as A$20.35