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AvePro Glue-on Bases (Grey) - Pack of 20

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AvePro Glue On Bases for Bird Wire Posts - Pack of 20, in Grey PVC

AvePro Glue-On Bases are used in Bird Wire systems.

These Bases are used to hold either 100mm Bird Wire Posts or 125mm Bird Wire Posts. The Posts simply "press in" to the PVC Bases. Fixing can be either Glued or Tech Screw.

Allowable distance between two posts is 1.25m at the very most.

For other colours pictured, please contact us directly - here

AvePro BirdWire System

A discreet, versatile and durable deterrent for pigeons and larger pest birds, this product is ideal for use on exposed roof ridges, window ledges, parapets, pipes and other narrow architectural features. AvePro Wire System is manufactured from nylon coated stainless steel wire tensioned by stainless steel springs between stainless steel posts of various configurations.

To ensure you make the right choice for pest bird control, PestIT offers free site visits, design service, quoting support, establishment of a working budget and specifications for tendering services.

Having worked on the most ambitious bird exclusion projects completed in Australia and the South Pacific, our value proposition relies on extensive knowledge backed by years of experience. ‘Getting it right the first time’ offers our clients the best value in solving hazardous bird-related issues.

For more information on BirdWire or AvePro products contact us here

Package Dimensions
length 12
width 6
height 6
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