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AvePro Bond (300g)

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AvePro Bond is used to securely bond AvePro products and components to most building surfaces and architectural features

It is UV stable, dries flexible, has a neutral cure and adheres strongly to most building surfaces.

This bond is the ideal, specially formulated adhesive bonding agent for installing AvePro Bird Spikes, Shock Track, Bird Angle, Bird Slide, BirdWire Bases and AvePro Huntsman to even the most difficult surface.

AvePro Bond is “made in Melbourne” and has been designed for the rigors of the harsh Australian climate as well as the challenging role of bonding polycarbonate or stainless steel to traditional building surfaces.

This differs from construction glues that dry brittle, break up under direct sunlight and quickly release spikes from building surfaces. Components such as spike being ejected from a building, often several stories high above pedestrian zones below is a disaster.

The emulsifiers in this superior locally made polyurethane bonding agent, cuts through the surface tension and film often in place building surfaces; even on recently cleaned sub-straights. Thus being able to create a secure hold quickly and efficiently. The grey colour blends in with most architectural features such as concrete, masonry, brick and sandstone.

AvePro Bond is an exceptionally strong but flexible, adhesive. Being developed in Australia, this bond copes with high temperatures as well as dramatic temperature changes without releasing or breaking down.

AvePro Bond adheres our products to most architectural features and building surfaces with ease. For best results, the mounting surface must be dry, completely clean and prepared. AvePro Bond will hold our products in place almost immediately. Full cure is in 24 hours at normal temperatures, but under some circumstances the bond may reach maximum strength in as little as four hours. For maximum effect of items under tensions, such as BirdWire Posts and PVC Bases, best results will be to complete tensioning of wire after the 24 hour curing time.

Colour: Grey

Strong: will securely adhere our products to roof sheeting, concrete, metal, woods, brick, sandstone, plastics

Caulking Gun is required to apply this product.

One AvePro Bond cartridge will fix:

  • 10-12m of Bird Spike
  • 10-15m of Bird Shock
  • 10-12m of Bird Slide
  • 125 BirdWire PVC Bases

For more information on spikes contact us here!

For more information on AvePro products click here

Package Dimensions
length 20
width 5
height 5
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