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Aqua 2000 Concentrate 5L - CLEARANCE

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Aqua 2000 Concentrated 5L

Aqua 2000 Concentrated 5L - Ideal for cleaning and disinfecting worksites before commencing works. Effectively cleans up bird droppings.

Disinfectant for Birds

Pest birds are a major vector or reservoir of zoonotic (animal to human transmission) diseases. Humans can become infected by a wide range of harmful diseases. Modes of transmission include:

  • Direct contact – Bacteria, viruses, pathogens, germs and fungus can enter through a break in the skin surface or intact mucus membranes. For example, an open wound exposed to contaminated water or soil.\
  • Inhalation – Breathing in aerosolised faeces (microscopic particles) from infected pest birds.
  • Mites and Lice – Some species of mites and lice subsist on nesting material, bird feathers and skin while others suck blood. Large numbers of mites can contaminate confined spaces such as roofs where birds are nesting. These mites can then infest office spaces, as well as industrial and domestic areas through moving from the roof area to the living or workspace below.

Pest birds pose a serious human health impact and as such a bird disinfectant like Aqua Shield is a key tool in dealing with droppings. In a workplace environment, this can be problematic to the health of staff and customers and have a seriously negative impact on the aesthetics of a building. These and many other risks can be averted through a bird mitigation strategy.

Cleaning and disinfecting the site using products like Aqua 2000 Concentrate 5Lis an essential part of pest bird eradication strategy. Droppings should be considered hazardous waste and must be dampened down and disinfected prior to any attempt at removal. The droppings must be treated with disinfectant that will deactivate the pathogens, help deodorise and clean the surface. Cleaning and disinfecting a bird site with Aqua Shield should be the first process to complete before conducting a bird deterrent system or mitigation strategy. It is critical that our team and the facility personnel are working in a safe and odour-free work environment and using a bird disinfectant ensures this process.

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